Embroidery floss and leather is one of my favorite combos, which means I am beyond thrilled to introduce two new stitched leather bracelet kits. The kits come in two sizes: skinny (1/2″ wide) and super skinny (1/4″ wide). The clasp is adjustable so the bracelets will fit most wrist sizes.

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I love the way the embroidery floss pops on the leather and there are so many stitching possibilities. Each kit comes with several different stitching patterns so you can choose your favorite, or be bold and design your own!


The cuffs look great stacked together, or wear one as a handmade accent in an eclectic mix of bangles. And of course, they are a perfect compliment to our classic wide cuff!

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 P.S. – These leather cuff kits use only a few simple stitches so they are perfect for beginners and pros alike. Best of all they stitch up quick, so you will be wearing yours in no time!

New stitched leather cuff kits now in the shop!