How to make a clasp for your stitched leather bracelet

How to make a clasp for your stitched leather bracelet

Red Gate Stitchery leather bracelet kits offer lots of creative freedom, from the stitching pattern you choose to the clasp you use to finish off your piece. Here are some suggestions for functional and distinctive closures

Embroidered leather bracelet kit by Red Gate Stitchery

Basic knot-and-loop closure

The supplies for this basic closure are included in your bracelet kit.

Step 1: Cut about 8 inches of the waxed cotton cord that came with your kit and fold it in half. Thread the loop through the hole at one end of the bracelet. Take the tail end of the cord and pass it through the loop. Pull the tail end to tighten. This is called a Larks Head Knot.

larks head knot bracelet closure clasp

Step 2: Tie an overhand knot about 1/2 inch away from the end of the bracelet. Tie two or three additional overhand knots to create a large cluster of knots. Trim the ends, leaving about 1/4 inch. This is one half of the knot-and-loop closure.

overhand knot bracelet closure clasp

Step 3: Cut about 8 inches from the remaining cord and make another Larks Head Knot on the other end of the bracelet. Wrap the bracelet around your wrist to measure the closure, and then make an overhand knot far enough along the cord that the bracelet will be comfortable when worn. Note that if the bracelet is too loose the clasp will not have enough tension to stay closed. Before trimming the ends of the cord, try the bracelet on and adjust as needed.

Knot and loop closure clasp for bracelet

Step 4: To secure the bracelet, pass the large knot through the loop. The leather will be stiff at first but will soften with use.

Knot and loop cord closure clasp for bracelet

Alternative 1: Button/bead closure

For an even more secure and stylish closure, use the instructions above but replace the knot with a button or large bead from your stash.

Alternative 2: Sliding knot closure

A sliding knot is another good alternative for your bracelet. To make this type of closure, first cut two lengths of cord and attach one cord to each end of the bracelet using a Larks Head Knot as described in step 1 above. Using a third length of cord, make a series of square knots to create the sliding clasp. The following tutorials show how it's done.

Cross stitch leather bracelet kit by Red Gate Stitchery

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