Tutorial: Fun embroidery floss bobbin magnets

Tutorial: Fun embroidery floss bobbin magnets

I just recently came across these fabulous Pantone chip magnets that were posted quite a while ago on How About Orange. The bright, modern blocks of color inspired me to create something similar, but with stitchers in mind. Check it out - magnets made with embroidery floss and bobbins. Want to make your own set of floss bobbin magnets? Of course you do! It couldn't be easier. Here's how. What you’ll need: Cardstock or other heavy weight paper A selection of embroidery floss Spray mount (optional) Craft glue Magnets Step 1: To make your floss bobbins, print this template onto cardstock or other heavy paper. To make the magnets extra sturdy, use spray mount to attach the template page to another piece of heavy paper before cutting out the bobbins. (Check out this tutorial from Wild Olive on using spray mount with printables for more detailed instructions.) You can also use purchased floss bobbins if you have them instead of making your own. Step 2: Cut a strip of cardstock 2-1/2 inches long by 3/4 inch wide. The cardstock strip will help you securely attach the magnet after the bobbin is wound. Step 3: Place the cardstock strip on the back side of the bobbin so the ends of the strip extend evenly beyond the top and the bottom of the bobbin. Start winding a length of embroidery floss around both the bobbin and cardboard strip. You'll want to wrap carefully so the finished magnet will look neat and tidy. When you have as much floss as you'd like on the bobbin - you can wind it thick or thin, whatever makes you happy - cut the floss and wrap the end to the back of the bobbin. Step 4: Fold down each end of the strip of cardstock, overlapping them so they cover the back of the floss. Glue each end to secure and set aside to dry. You can use a clothes pin to hold the ends closed while the glue dries if you'd like. Step 5: When the glue is dry, attach a magnet to the back. I used an adhesive-backed magnet strip I found at my local office supply store, but you could use any kind of magnet you have. I found the adhesive on the magnet strip wasn't particularly sticky, so I used a dab of glue to secure it. Make a whole collection of magnets in your favorite floss colors and enjoy!
Susan Fitzgerald

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