Cross stitch basics: How to use a needle minder

Cross stitch basics: How to use a needle minder

When you are cross stitching or doing hand embroidery, there tends to be a lot of picking up and putting down of your needle. Instead of losing it in the couch cushions (been there, done that), use a needle minder as a place to safely park your needle when you're not using it.

A needle minder is a small decorative piece with a magnet on the back. It can be made of wood, clay, metal, or any number of materials. The decorative side goes on top of your fabric, while the magnet goes on the back. The magnet serves a dual purpose: it holds the decorative piece on, and it creates a magnetic surface that your needle will stick to. Genius!

Watch the short 20-second video below to learn how to use a needle minder and order your very own Floss Boss needle minder today!

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