Primitive cross stitch with a modern feel

Primitive cross stitch with a modern feel

I have always had a soft spot for primitive folk art. There is something so lovely about the muted colors and rustic textures, and I love the connection it makes to artisans and craftspeople of the past. The interesting thing is while it harks back to an earlier time, primitive folk art can still feel quite modern.

I recently created a series of primitive stitched ornaments for my friend Beth of Summer House Stiche Workes, and was surprised at how well my modern materials and approach adapted to a more primitive style. I used a muted color palette of blues and reds with a touch of earthy olive green. I stitched the motifs on the side of the bamboo that gets a bit charred from the laser for an even more rustic feel.


The primitive kits were a limited edition, and I don't have any left, but you can find the same ornament shapes in my shop, and the pattern would be easy to adapt to your own rustic color palette. 20160328-prim-cross-stitch-ornaments-5
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