Progress has been slower than I would have liked this month thanks to a sinus infection that just won't quit. But the prototypes for my new line are coming along. And that means lots of felt and paper scraps are littering my workspace. See the box of Kleenex at the back of that last photo? It's been my constant companion.
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Cross stitched bench: I want one

I am in love with this limited edition cross stitched bench by Dutch design duo Ontwerpduo. The bench was handmade from oak. The fabric was hand woven in the Ontwerpduo studio, and then stitched. It's lovely and oh-so-inspiring. Ontwerpduo does some amazing work (stitched curtains, anyone?). Check out their complete portfolio here.
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Have yourself a merry little Valentine's Day

I've been a busy little elf cooking up delicious cross stitch designs for my soon-to-be-launched Etsy shop. I'm aiming to open the shop for business in January, so while Christmas is just around the corner, it's Valentine's Day that's been on my mind. More details are to come, but for now here's a sneak peek at some sweet stitches for your sweetie. Lilac. Dusty rose. Blue in progress.
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Night in the Forest by Saana and Olli

I'm loving this fabric created by Saana and Olli, a pair of designers from Finland.

Cross stitch inspired modern fabric created by fabric created by Saana and Olli

Called Night in the Forest (English translation), the print tells a story about life in the forest. Says the designers' website, "The inspiration stems from traditional Finnish lifestyle blended with magical elements, an old weird Finland that never existed."

Modern cross stitch inspired fabric created by fabric created by Saana and Olli

I love the modern take on a traditional motifs. And the fact that it looks like cross stitch makes it all the better.

Modern cross stitch inspired fabric created by Saana and Olli

(via print & pattern)
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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. I'm Susan, nice to meet you.
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