Want to learn how to cross stitch?

Certain cross stitch projects can be daunting: lots of colors, lots of stitches, lots of time. For experienced stitchers, doing a big project can be really gratifying. For new stitchers, not so much. One of the things I love about my cross stitch necklace kits is that they're easy enough for beginners, and I hope they entice some of you who are new to cross stitch to give it a try. It really couldn't be easier. To help new stitchers along the path to stitchy bliss, I've published the Red Gate Stitchery Beginner's Guide to Cross Stitch. It has all the information you'll need to stitch up your own beautiful pendant, or whatever your first cross stitch project may be. Check it out here: Beginner's Guide to Cross Stitch. And as always, happy stitching!
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